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Your Current DQI

The Data Quality Index (DQI) is a new index that rates flocks based on the quality and quantity of the data recorded on the flock over the previous year. This index can be used to help LambPlus farmers identify the areas where there data recording needs the most attention in the year ahead. Each LambPlus member can now access their DQI through their Sheep Ireland login, they will find the score on their homepage.

The target DQI Score is 80% or higher

The DQI reflects three aspects of your data recording

  • Completeness — Have you recorded all available information on the Sheep Ireland database?
  • Timeliness — Have you recorded this data in a prompt manner?
  • Quality — Have you accurately recorded this data?

The DQI is published alongside the animals evaluations in order to better promote the breeders that have complied with the three points above. All of these points are essential to the breed improvement strategy in order to generate the most accurate evaluations we can, and to help minimise the movement of evaluations later in the year during sales season.

How do I improve my DQI?

There is a helpful note on the right hand side of the DQI screen listing the areas where your DQI could be most improved.

Watch this video and find out why and how to improve it:

Why has my DQI not changed after I entered more information?

The DQI will be periodically updated, however it can be updated manually at any time by simply clicking on the recalculate button below your DQI score. This will then give you your most current DQI


Recent Movement Notifications

When logging into the homepage, you can see a notification box on the top right of the screen, and view the most recent updates of animals moving in or out of your flock. Also, you are able to see which animal was moved, from/to what breeder, and when the movement took place.

Flock Linkage

Flock linkage refers to the genetic connectivity/relatedness between flocks. Providing accurate €uroStars (genetic evaluations) to a performance recording flock is only possible if the flock in question is genetically ‘linked’ to others. Genetic linkage is crucial for accurate genetic evaluation as it allows for fair and accurate comparisons between flocks.

When it comes to flock linkage, there are three possible categories;

  • Linked – The ideal situation for performance recording flocks. Your flock is being compared to all other performance recording flocks within your respective sheep breed.
  • Weak Linkage – Your flock linkage status is weakening. You may have been linked last year. You should act during the next mating season to prevent your flock from becoming unlinked.
  • Unlinked – Your €uroStar evaluations are within flock evaluations and are not comparable to other breeders within your respective sheep breed, this will be reflected in how your €uroStars will be displayed for the season ahead.

Your Essential Details

This is the information that Sheep Ireland will be using to contact you and it will be the contact information that will be published on the Sheep Ireland Online Ram Search. Please contact Sheep Ireland at [email protected] with any information you wish to update.


Your Genetic Trend

The genetic trend displays the predicted genetic progress of all the animals currently in the flock. The trend is generated by getting the average index for each animal in the flock and then broken down by year of birth. eg. all the animals in your flock that were born in 2022 are grouped together and their average index is calculated, the same would be done for the 2023 animals. If the average of the 2023 animals is greater than that of the 2022 animals then it is predicted that genetic progress has been made. The index includes all animals that are currently in the flock (bred & purchased). If there is more than one breed in the flock they are currently grouped together.

You will also see the four main traits are also listed, these can be added /removed from the graph by clicking on each one individually. The aim is to have all indexes and traits moving in an upward direction with the exception of Days to Slaughter, as the aim is to reduce the number of days it takes a lamb to reach its desired weight.

You can also access your €uroStar profile by selecting the link below the trend.


Your Inventory Summary

This gives a breakdown of the type of animals present in the flock by Sex, Breed and Year of Birth. This is useful as it may help to highlight when an inventory needs to be cleaned down (eg, remove all the lambs sold the year before).