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When to Weigh Your LambPlus Recorded Lambs

Below two tables that are designed to aid breeders select the best time to weigh their LambPlus performance recording lambs. As part of the LambPlus programme breeders are asked to record at least 3 weights for their lambs after lambing, however breeders are free to record as many weights as they wish. Each of these weights will then work towards improving the flocks/breeds accuracy percentage (Acc %) and therefore making the evaluations reflect the performance of animals on the ground more accurately.

All lambs DO NOT need to be weighed when they are exactly 40 , 100 or 150 days of age. If lambs are weighed  between the parameters outlined below in table 1, the Sheep Ireland database will be able to predict the weight of the animal at the required age.

Table 1: Each LambPlus lamb should have a weight recorded in each of these three brackets

Table 1

Important Weight dates Brackets


Table 2 can be used as a guideline as to when the best time to weigh your lambs. Simply select the week your ewes started to lamb form the left hand side and then take note of the three dates by which these lambs need to have their weight recorded. Eg, If a lamb is born on the 8th of January it must have its 40 Day Weight collected before the 13th of March.

Table 2

Important Weight dates

These are only guidelines to help breeders fulfil the requirements of table 1 above. Select the week your ewes started to lamb and take note of the times of the year when you need to weigh your lambs


All LambPlus breeders will have received pocket Lambing Notebooks. On page 58 you will see there is a section to record lamb weights as they are recorded. All breeders can then record all these weights online and only breeders that selected paper recording can send their weights to Sheep Ireland to have the weights entered by Sheep Ireland staff. You can print of more Weight and Score Recording Sheets here. To find out more about how to record the other traits check out the Health page here.