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Focus on these 5 areas to boost your DQI now!

The Data Quality Index (DQI) rates flocks based on the quality and quantity of the data recorded on the flock over the previous year.

This index can be used to help LambPlus breeders identify the areas where their data recording needs the most attention in the year ahead.

Each LambPlus member can access their DQI through their Sheep Ireland online services and find the score on their homepage.

5 areas to focus on at this time of year

1.Any ewe that have lambed down so far should be recorded onto the database. Any ewe that has aborted or barren must be recorded also (April 30th – Lambing registration Deadline for getting Eurostars).

2.Record all the lambing details: Lambing difficulty and birth weights must be recorded. Dead lambs and their weights must also be recorded (although it doesn’t affect the DQI, but is crucial information for the genetic evaluation, ensure all aspects of lambing are recorded; ewe milk, ewe mothering, lamb vigour, and management group). 

3.Ensure all your lambs have their 40 and 100 day weights recorded according to these tables (click here): Timeliness for recording 40 and 100 days lambs weights – Sheep Ireland

4.Muscle and Fat Scanning data. Check how to request the service (click here): Muscle and Fat Scanning 2024 – Sheep Ireland

5.Keep your inventory up to date. Any culled or dead animal should be done through your ‘Off Farm Sales‘, ‘Factory Sales’ or using the ‘Death‘ tab of the animal found in your inventory.


Watch this video and find out why and how to improve it:


The target DQI score is at least 85%

A minimum DQI score of 40% is required to get the Eurostars and access to subsidy for genotyping


The DQI reflects three aspects of your data recording:

1.Completeness — Have you recorded all available information on the Sheep Ireland database?

2.Timeliness — Have you recorded this data in a prompt manner?

3.Quality — Have you accurately recorded this data?

How do I improve my DQI?

There is a helpful note on the right hand side of the DQI screen listing the areas where your DQI could be most improved.


Why has my DQI not changed after I entered more information?

The DQI will be periodically updated, however, it can be updated manually at any time by simply clicking on the recalculate button below your DQI score. This will then give you your most current DQI


For more information click here:

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