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Ram NCT demonstration

Breeding Workshop in Galway

This year in conjunction with Teagasc, Sheep Ireland held a number of breeding workshops throughout Ireland. These events catered for commercial farmers and pedigree breeders. Topics covered included:

  • The host farmer along with his local advisor introduced the farm giving detail of farm and flock size etc.
  • Sheep Ireland discussed the difference in 1 v 5-Star performance, explained why €urostars go up and down, and the importance of using a ram team
  • Sheep Ireland also discussed understanding the sales card, the difference in within breed vs across breed – €urostars vs € Value
  • Teagasc discussed the importance of checking a rams health and what to look out for, the ram NCT was detailed and a discussion around ram to ewe ratios
  • Teagasc also discussed the importance of the ewe NCT and health check and a discussion around management of ewes with different body condition scores

This event required pre-registration which was organised by Teagasc with the health and safety around Covid-19 at the forefront of minds.

This was a great opportunity for commercial farmers and breeders to gain some valuable breeding practice information to increase genetic gain on Irish sheep farms.

This weeks workshop was held in County Galway at LambPlus breeder Darragh Cunniffe’s farm. See below snapshots of the event.