Breeding Workshop in Galway
Ram NCT demonstration

Breeding Workshop in Galway

This year in conjunction with Teagasc, Sheep Ireland held a number of breeding workshops throughout Ireland. These events catered for commercial farmers and pedigree breeders. Topics covered included: The host…

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LambPlus App Help

We are very excited about this new phase of data recording and we hope this will make it easier for breeders to performance record their lambs. This App is essentially…

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Genomic Results Help Page

Parentage Results Select between Parentage Results, Scrapie Results and Inbreeding Coefficient Results –  when entering the genomic results screen, by default you will see your parentage results screen, and you can…

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Inbreeding Checker

Inbreeding occurs when closely related animals are mated. By using this inbreeding checker this will allow you to control the levels of inbreeding within your flock. How to Select a Ram…

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