Get your 2019 Season Off to a Good Start with the LambPlus App

Get your 2019 Season Off to a Good Start with the LambPlus App

Recording your Mating

Recording your mating is a very important start to retrieving the correct parentage status of your animals. Determining the parentage of animals is the basis of all genetic evaluations to ensure they are as accurate as possible. When a mating is recorded on the database, the sire is pre-populated when entering the lambing event at lambing time. There is also a mating report complied which is of huge benefit to a farmer when identifying what ewe has been mated with each sire.

Mating can be recorded via the website (click here to find out how to record mating on the website) or via the LambPlus App.

Sheep Ireland’s LambPlus App

Many LambPlus breeders are currently using Sheep Ireland’s App to record their mating this breeding season. The app can be used on any android or IOS smartphone, as well as tablets. Click here to see how easy recording your mating is with a step-by-step guide.

Sheep Ireland’s Demo App

Breeder that are still unsure as to whether using the Sheep Ireland FREE app is as easy as they say it is, click here to TRIAL our DEMO APP today!

Sheep Ireland is available by telephone on 023 882 0451 and by email on [email protected] to answer any queries on how to use the app.